What We Do

MiCHWA actively supports CHW education, training, and workforce sustainability. Key pieces of that role include providing a Michigan-specific core competency-based training relevant to CHW skills and roles, administering a statewide CHW Registry, and advocacy and sustainable policy efforts.

Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance

MiCHWA partners include CHWs, organizational partners, and other CHW supporters who make up a governance structure including a Board of Directors, Executive Director, staff, four working groups, and an Evaluation Advisory Board. MiCHWA’s working groups are the Michigan CHW Network, Communications, Education & Workforce, and Policy & Finance.

MiCHWA Guiding Principles

MiCHWA has established itself as the CHW information hub for the state of Michigan. Initially founded as a small stakeholder coalition, MiCHWA’s growth has significantly exceeded initial expectations by the Steering Committee and working group members and is a non-profit with IRS tax exemption as of June 2019.  

The work of MiCHWA has been and continues to be guided by the following values:



MiCHWA builds and integrates knowledge and action that results in social and policy changes that benefit partners and address the concerns of communities.



MiCHWA uses decision-making processes that facilitate the entire group to be heard and to participate in decision-making.



MiCHWA supports the professional and career development of CHWs.



MiCHWA facilitates the reciprocal transfer of knowledge, skills, capacity, and power. MiCHWA values members’ knowledge with an emphasis on sharing information, resources, and support among members of the Alliance.



MiCHWA communicates in ways that are understandable and respectful.


Diversity & Inclusion

MiCHWA is intentional in its efforts of diversity and inclusion, all voices are recognized, and members of MiCHWA share responsibility for all phases of the Alliance's efforts to sustain CHWs.



MiCHWA identifies and builds on strengths, resources, and relationships that exist within the State and nation to address the mission and goals of the organization.


CHW Voice

CHWs provide active leadership at all levels of MiCHWA, including its board and its working groups.


Social Justice

MiCHWA actively works towards a just and equitable society addressing the health, economic, social, environmental, and political rights of vulnerable individuals and communities.