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How do I view my Profile?

There are several ways to view your profile. One is to search within the Find CHWs page and select to view profile. The other is via the My Account page.

  • Select profile icon
  • Select View Profile in left panel

How do I update my profile?

  • Select profile icon
  • Update intended field
  • Submit

CHW How to's

How do I upload trainings and credit hours for verification?

  • Select profile icon
  • Select Upload CEU in left panel
  • Update fields
  • Submit

How do I retrieve my MiCHWA Certification Card?

Once you have met criteria for certification, your certification card will be posted in your profile. If it is not present but all criterion are met please contact us at info@michwa.org

  • Go to your profile
  • Select MiCHWA Certification Card in left panel

Org How to's

How do I post a job?

  • Fill out form
  • Submit

How do I edit a job post?

Organization postings can be found several ways. One way to view postings is via the organization's profile. The other is via the Job Posts page.

  • Go to Job Postings
  • Search for job
  • Select to Edit Post
  • Change intended fields
  • Update

How do I remove a job post?

MiCHWA must confirm deletion before posts are removed. The following is how to place a request to remove a post.

  • Go to Job Postings
  • Search for job
  • Select to Edit Post
  • Select remove post in left panel
  • Confirm remove request to be sent to MiCHWA
  • Add [Closed] after Job title
  • Select Update

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