CHW Certification Training Program

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MiCHWA provides the CHW training and curriculum that is used to certify the CHW workforce in Michigan. MiCHWA also provides access to a CHW registry, continuing education, resources, and other workforce development opportunities.

In 2014, MiCHWA’s partners began the process of creating a Michigan-specific CHW curriculum. Using the Minnesota CHW curriculum as a base, MiCHWA partners created the curriculum used today. MiCHWA is working with key stakeholders and state partners to identify processes and policies to move forward with CHW certification recognition by the State of Michigan.

MiCHWA Certified CHW Training Program

Since 2017 MiCHWA has been recognizing CHWs eligible for certification based on the successful completion of our training program.  A key component of that includes training in the following 8 core competencies in 126 hours of course work:


CHW Role in Public Health & Health Systems

MiCHWA supports the professional and career development of CHWs.


Legal & Ethical Responsibilities

MiCHWA integrates knowledge and action that results in social change.


Navigating Community Resources

MiCHWA communicates in ways that are understandable and respectful.


Communication Styles & Cultural Responsiveness

All resources found in this template are legal to use.


Teaching & Capacity Building

MiCHWA builds on existing resources and relationships within the state to address goals of the org.


Coordination, Documentation & Reporting

MiCHWA facilitates the reciprocal transfer of knowledge, skills, capacity, and power.


Healthy Lifestyles

MiCHWA disseminates findings according to established guidelines.


Behavioral Health & Substance Use Disorders

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The curriculum is designed to train front-line health workers to provide culturally responsive services in Michigan communities. The 126 training hours includes 25 hours for independent self-study. Independent self-study ensures that the participants are given sufficient time to work on homework, quizzes, projects, and other assignments. Independent self-study hours may be completed at the participant’s home, work location, or other location.  

To complement the 126 training hours, 40 internship hours (if the participant is not already employed in a CHW role) are required, consisting of field experiences in local agencies where the focus is for the student to apply and integrate theory into practice. CHWs who are currently employed will complete the internship at their place of work.

Tuition varies by certification training programs and is set by the training organizations, not by MiCHWA.

MiCHWA Core Competency and Module List

CHW Training Internship Program

Upcoming MiCHWA Certified CHW Trainings

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Click HERE to Register Online: CHW Training Program Sept. 11 - Nov. 13, 2023 - Virtual, Evenings 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Click HERE to Email for Registration: CHW Training Program Sept. 12 - Nov. 09, 2023 - In-Person, Henry Ford College, Days

Click HERE to Email for Registration: CHW Training Program Jan. 8 - Mar 6, 2024 - Virtual, Henry Ford College, Days

Our Team is proud to work with MiCHWA CHW instructors and training partners throughout the state. Training implementation varies slightly by training site, including days of the week and duration. To learn more about our curriculum development process or partnership opportunities, contact our Education & Registry Manager, Porsche Fischer, at

       Rebeca M. Guzmán, LMSW

Rebeca M. Guzmán, LMSW, is the Master Trainer at the Detroit Health Department in the People Development unit.  Rebeca completed her graduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She holds a post graduate certificate in research and evaluation from Wayne State University, School of Social Work.  Her primary interests intersect with Community Health Worker (CHW) workforce development and social justice. She is a founding member of Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance (MiCHWA), and she holds a seat on the MiCHWA Board of Directors. Rebeca is a Master Trainer for the MiCHWA CHW Training curriculum. She has been training CHWs in Michigan since the late 1980s. She is also a Master Trainer for the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Office on Women’s Health, Women’s Health Leadership Institute (WHLI) training, which expanded her work with CHWs far beyond Michigan.   Rebeca serves as afield instructor for graduate and undergraduate students of social work and public health with several of the local universities.  She has a long history of engaging in community capacity projects and fostering partnerships with academic institutions and health and human service agencies that employ and/or promote CHWs.  

   Holly Joseph, B.S., CHES, TTS

Holly Joseph is a proud Western Michigan University grad, got her first job out of college at District Health Department #10, and has been employed there for 23 years as a Public Health Educator. For the first 15 years, she worked primarily in HIV prevention and care coordinating for a HIV case management program for 6 counties. Holly went on to be trained in the National Diabetes Prevention Program and became a Tobacco Treatment Specialist. Currently, Holly coordinates the Building Healthy Places grant which focuses on the Building Healthy Communities program that helps food pantries and senior meal sites make policy & environmental changes to deliver healthier food options, and education that will be sustainable. The same grant also incorporates the Getting to the Heart of the Matter program which focuses on work site wellness programming.

              Andrea Krotzer

Andrea is a Teacher, mentor and CHW. She has a strong passion for humanity and loves to see the success in others. With over 20 years of CHW experience, her passion has led her to be a lead visionary and creator of the Rural CHW Network’s CORE Project, serve her community as a United Way Community Impact Advisor, helped start two free pantries and libraries and anew laundry facility. As a Senior Training Consultant for Everyday Life Consulting, she leads training in National Mental Health First Aid, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Human Trafficking, MI Bridges and MiCHWA CHW Curriculum. ELC is a consulting firm that focuses on building individual, organization and community capacity to address social determinants of health through clinical-community linkages and CHW sustainability.

            Susie Williamson

Susie Williamson is a Community Health Educator at Spectrum Health Healthier Communities.  Her passion has always been with working with the community through education on community issues and serving as a liaison between the community and health and social service systems.  She  has been an employee at Spectrum Health for 19 years, 6 as a community health worker and 13 as a Community Health Educator.  She is a master trainer for the curriculum, lead instructor for Grand Rapids CHW training, and co-chair of the Education and Workforce work group for Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance (MiCHWA).  She is also a member of the National Association of Community Health Workers.  She is a member of a variety of  committees in the community of Grand Rapids. She holds 2 master degrees, and 1/3 completion of PhD.  She is married with six adult children and 12 grandchildren.

         Alfredia Dysart-Drake

Alfredia Dysart-Drake has more than thirty years of experience in nonprofit administration, grant writing and management, and strategic planning and communication. Community empowerment and constituency building are at the heart of Alfredia’s work. She has held increasingly responsible positions at several nonprofit and charitable organizations in southwest Michigan. Currently she is Program Associate/Navigation Specialist for the Albion Health Care Alliance where she focuses on equitable access to health, wellness, and prevention resources.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and has received certification from the Fund- Raising School of Indiana University. She is a certified Master Trainer for the Michigan Community Health Workers Alliance (MiCHWA), a Master Trainer for the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Initiative, and a certified Life Coach.  Alfredia is active in her community where she has held membership and positions in various organizations. She believes in what Margaret Mead so graciously stated, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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