MiCHWA CHW Registry

MiCHWA Community Health Worker Registry

MiCHWA’s CHW Registry will become a statewide database of CHWs in Michigan. It is also the mechanism through which MiCHWA certifies that CHWs have achieved the eight MiCHWA CHW Core Competencies through CHW training or experience.

CHWs, employers, and MiCHWA-trained CHW Instructors will have the option to create profiles on the registry by becoming members of MiCHWA. All CHWs certified through MiCHWA will be required to join the registry. CHWs not seeking MiCHWA certification are also welcome to join as a MiCHWA member and gain access to the registry. All registry profiles will be private and protected by password. Information can only be made viewable to other registry participants if the CHW or employer chooses to make their profile viewable. Profiles will not be viewable to people outside the registry.

For more information about the MiCHWA CHW Registry and features of the registry, please download the MiCHWA Registry Benefits and Overview.

For more information about MiCHWA CHW Certificates and how to become MiCHWA-certified in the eight CHW Core Competencies, please download MiCHWA Certification Overview. Being MiCHWA-certified means that you have met the MiCHWA CHW education and training standards. To date, payment and employment are not yet tied to certification status and CHW certification is not recognized by the state of Michigan.

Detailed instructions for the CHW grandparenting application can be found here: MiCHWA CHW Grandparenting Instructions

Detailed instructions for CHWs who successfully completed the MiCHWA CHW Training Program prior to September 2017 can be found here: MiCHWA CHW Training Certificate Verification

All CHWs who successfully complete the MiCHWA CHW Training Program after September 2017 will be automatically added to the MiCHWA CHW Registry for CHW Certification.

For information about continuing education requirements, please read the MiCHWA-Certified CHW Continuing Education Factsheet 2018.

MiCHWA CHW Registry Membership
    • $30 Annual Fee for CHWs
    • $60 Annual Fee for MiCHWA-trained CHW Instructors/Training Partner
    • $200 Annual Fee for CHW Employers/Organizations
    • CHW Employers/Organizations may also purchase packages that include both the Employer profile access and CHW profile access for their CHWs.

For a breakdown of MiCHWA CHW Registry Membership categories, please download the MiCHWA Registry Membership Fees document

Please see the MiCHWA CHW Registry Guide or recorded webinars (see below) for more details on how to create a MiCHWA CHW Registry account and use the different features available.

Recorded Webinars:

MiCHWA CHW Registry CHW Profile and Features
MiCHWA CHW Registry Employer Profile and Features
MiCHWA CHW Registry Training Partner Profile and Features

To log in or create an account on the MiCHWA CHW Registry, please visit http://www.michwaregistry.org/